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Last time I decided to use Ubuntu 17.10. When I installed skype from official site of Skype (I downloaded .deb package) I can do almost everything without one important feature for me. I can't share my screen while I am talking with somebody. On Windows that was working perfectly, on Ubuntu I don't even see such a option.


If you use Wayland (Ubuntu 17.10) and latest version (v8.11.0.4) of skypeforlinux screen sharing is not working.

In order to have screen sharing working you can switch to Xorg as explained here.

Otherwise you can use Google Hangout, where you can even share windows.


The latest version(s) (v8.x.x.x onwards) of skypeforlinux (.deb package downloaded from Skype website) has the screen-sharing option (only in an Xorg session, if you're in a default Wayland session you'll have to switch to an Xorg session first).

You can access this option by clicking on the + symbol (More Options) at the bottom while making a video call:

enter image description here


This is because ubuntu 17.10 switched from Xorg display server to wayland.(Why wayland). But many applications are yet to port to wayland. many of the existing applications do not work properly with wayland. Skype is also such a case.

To switch from wayland to Xorg (X11). Do the following

  • Log out from the current session
  • then select Ubuntu on Xorg from the login screen enter image description here
  • Make sure you have an X11 Session by executing the following command in terminal.


it should output x11

now your Skype screen sharing will work


In a word, or four, it does not work.


Sorry about that.

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