Ubuntu: Search multiple tags - OR instead of AND


Using KDE and just found out about the tags and how to use them.


I have two tags called first and second. I have a bunch of pdfs either with no tag or tagged first, second or first, second.


I start a search in dolphin and I want to get all the files that have either one of the two tags. But if I search for

tag:first tag:second

I only get the files that have both tags. It searches for files containing first AND second but what I want to have is a search for files tagged either first OR second OR first, second.

Is there a way to provide the search function with a list of tags and it returns a list of all of the files that have any of the given tags.



Well the answer was way simple. Sorry for bothering everyone.

The magical word was OR.

tag:first OR second

will give you all the files that have either one of the two tags

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