Ubuntu: Screen flickers as Ubuntu boots up


Please have a look at this YouTube video.

The screen keeps flickering and I can't log in.

I've already installed nvidia driver and the system has been working fine for months.


I had the same problem a few days ago. The reason it is happening is because a program called X Windows (that is responsible drawing windows) is failing to start. Because X doesn't start, the session manager, (typically, lightdm or gdm) keeps trying to restart X. This is why your screen is flickering. each time X tries to start up, it takes control of your Gfx card, but... something along the way goes boom.

Anyways, the good news is that everything is probably ok, and a little work will get it fixed up.

As a first debugging step, even thought it seems paradoxical, could you try uninstalling the nvidia drivers with something like

$ sudo apt-get remove nvidia-*  

and reboot your computer.

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