Ubuntu: 'Samba' no longer working with Ubuntu 16.04 & Windows 10


I know that the question has been asked and answered before but none of the solutions could currently fix my problem.

I have two office computers. One running Windows 10 (because I have to) and another one with Ubuntu 16.04 (because I want to). Both computers run the latest version of each OS. My goal is as simple as what sharing a couple of folders and my printer should have been.

After a clean Ubuntu LTS 16.04 installation, the OS installed 'samba' (on its own) as soon as I tried to share a folder and I was able to access both the printer and that folder from Windows 10 and that's all I needed. Everyone was happy. Then a few days ago, I tried to transfer a couple of files (as I used to do almost every day) and the two computers could no longer see each other.

I tried everything I could find online to fix it (meaning: mostly outdated tips about firewall exceptions & possible smb.conf tweaks that no longer apply) without success. Has anyone faced any similar issues lately? Any links to anything (if possible not outdated) that could possibly work?


Answered here.

Creating a new samba user solved the problem.

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