Ubuntu: SAMBA chown: invalid user:


I am trying to add users to a LDAP server using SAMBA. This is my list of users and user 'tester' was created using smbldap-useradd

admin@server:/export/home$ sudo smbldap-userlist  uid  |username       0 |root                 |  65534 |nobody               |  1000 |tester               |  

But when I create a directory 'tester' in /export/home/ and try to sudo chown tester tester I get the following error: chown: invalid user: ‘tester’

Can anyone give me a detailed solution, please?

Thanks in advance.


You could add a systemuser first and then only use smbpasswd [username] to set a password for that user, so the user can use samba shares.

You have to set a seperate password for samba since it needs to be in a specific format.

However, see samba docu for more information about that stuff.

If you have a ldap set up which you sync your samba already, you can make your system use that ldap aswell. E.g. see the official ubuntu wiki

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