Ubuntu: Run pcloud.AppImage with the very lowest cost to disk space and RAM on Ubuntu


I want to:

  • Sync the content of a Ubuntu mount with pCloud (similar to Dropbox, Box, etc.)
  • Access the synced files using the pCloud web interface
  • Make the sync happen on-going

I have the following setup on the LAN:

  • Ubuntu 16.04.3 computer without a desktop environment
  • Windows 10 users read/write to a mount on the Ubuntu computer via Samba
  • Access to the Ubuntu computer's terminal via SSH from a Windows computer
  • Access to GUI sessions on Ubuntu using MobaXterm SSH/X-server on Windows

I tried installing the pCloud Linux client, pcloud.AppImage, but needed to install XFCE4 desktop environment to run it. There’s a CLI version of the pCloud client, but with dependencies it's over 300MB so not sure it's any better than the GUI version.

I’m looking for instructions/advice on how to:

  • Run an AppImage with the very lowest cost to disk space and RAM on Ubuntu
  • Control the AppImage on a Windows computer
  • Create a way of launching and running the AppImage periodically.

My Linux skills are limited, so if you reply (and I hope you do!) extra clarity would be appreciated. Thanks!

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