Ubuntu: rsync slow via 100Mb/s ethernet


I have a file server running Ubuntu 16.04 with my entire music library, which is ~300GB, on it. I am using samba to share this media library via the local network.

I also have a Macbook that I keep a local copy of this media library on, and I rsync it from the file server to my Macbook like so:

rsync -av --delete /Volumes/2TB-Server/iTunes /Volumes/500GB\ HDD/iTunes/  

Where /Volumes/2TB-Server is my file server and /Volumes/500GB\ HDD/ is my local hard disk in the Macbook. However, when using rsync like above, I am only transferring at around 7-8Mb/s. This is all over a 100Mb ethernet network. The hard drives aren't possibly the bottleneck because I also occasionally use an external USB3.0 HDD to transfer data between these two systems (again using rsync) and it is very fast - around 50-60MB/s.

Why is this happening? Any help is appreciated.


If you're on a local network... it's odd that it would be that slow. Try providing the z flag to your rsync, which should enable compression during transfer and speed it up a little bit.

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