Ubuntu: Restore backup on new computer with backup utility Ubuntu 16.04


I am doing a backup of my laptop with the backup utility of Ubuntu 16.04 periodically on a esternal HD.

I am waiting a new laptop, and I'd like to "port" the backup onto it in order to begin using this computer.

I've never done a restore before.

A few doubts I have:

  • Will restoring the backup also take care about the various packages and configurations I've done?
  • As I am planning to put a small SSD for the operating system, and using the HDD the new laptop already has, should I restore before placing the new SSD or after?
  • Is it better to another utility (like e.g. CloneZilla)?

I know these are actually three questions, but they are very much correlated.

I appreciate any suggestion or reccomendation, thanks in advance!

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