Ubuntu: Removing a phantom application


I am a relatively new ubuntu user running 16.04 and I have a KeePass2 application that I believe I installed incorrectly and now I cannot figure out how to uninstall it. The application appears on my dash and I can run it but it just causes an icon to pop up for a couple of seconds and then disappears again.

I have used sudo apt-get remove and sudo dpkg -l and neither of them show any keepass packages. I also tried using aptitude and that does come up with a `keepass doc but for some reason I can not remove it with aptitude.

I don't really know what other information to give so if there is any other information you need please let me know.


So I ended up solving this problem relatively easily. First I needed to go to ~/.local/share/applications and remove the .desktop file for KeePass. However the application was still showing up and so I checked the folder again and also looked through the wine directory. Sure enough inside of ~./local/share/applications/wine/Programs there was a KeePass.destop file. After removing that file the application was finally removed from my dash!

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