Ubuntu: read-only filesystem, no X11 when booting lubuntu 17.10 from battery


I upgraded my "acer aspire e13" laptop to lubuntu 17.10 (from 16.04, via 17.04) a few days ago and experience the following:

  • when booting with power cable plugged in, everything works.
  • whithout power cable, it doesn't start X11. Instead I can log in at the console. After logging in I get two or three messages about upgrade demon not being able to write a temporary file because the disk is mounted read only.

The battery is certainly fine, I can work for hours on it.

I don't even know where to start looking.

UPDATE - by request of Katu, here is the output of dmesg. I have still no clue.


I had the same problem after upgrading from Kubuntu 17.04 to Kubuntu 17.10. laptop-mode-tools was installed. Uninstalling it (apt remove laptop-mode-tools --purge) solved the issue.


From what I have gathered in my testing of this error on my machine is that the bios battery is failing, or in my case the battery is failing period.. I have lost 1/2 the cells.

A different error but related to a RO filesystem lead me to believe this is the case. I can't find that link as I was booted into a live instance. Pretty simple test. Plugged in. Booted x11. Didn't plug in. No x for you.

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