Ubuntu: Ping6 routing between interfaces failing


Spent the last two weeks googling every IPv6 gateway and routing example and none seem quite like this. I have three machines setup in the following configuration:

Machine A has IP of 2001:cdda:2011::1 on dev eth0.

Machine B has IP of 2001:cdda:2011::2 on dev eth0, 2001:cdda:2012::2 on dev eth1, and has all forwarding configured to 1.

Machine C has IP of 2001:cdda:2012::3 on dev eth1.

Ping6 from Machine A to Machine B, IP 2001:cdda:2011::2 works.

Ping6 from Machine B to Machine C, IP 2001:cdda:2012::3 works.

Ping6 from Machine C to Machine A, IP 2001:cdda:2011::1 fails. If I manually configure the route on Machine A telling it how to get to Machine C it works, but I am attempting to setup a mobile network where the route from A to C and vice versa is not static therefore I cannot preconfigure this route.

Essentially I am restricted from using pre-defined routes or default routes, as the hop from A to B may not be there at all times. (There will always be a router on device ETH0 with access to Machine C via ETH1, it just won't always be Machine B). Does anybody have insight on how to do this?

Respectfully, Riley


If you are using static IPv6 addresses, you also need to set up IPv6 static routes. You can't get around that. You can run a routing protocol, but that would be overkill in this situation.

You instead want to use router-assigned addresses, namely SLAAC, so that the default route will be provided with the address.

Maybe start here to understand the basics: https://community.infoblox.com/t5/IPv6-CoE-Blog/SLAAC-to-Basics-Part-1-of-2/ba-p/11356

And then set up Machine B as a router, since that is what it is. http://www.tomicki.net/ipv6.router.php

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