Ubuntu: Partitioning to install linux along side windows (Dual-boot)


Here's how my partitions look like:

/dev/sda   free space    1 MB   /dev/sda1    ntfs    471 MB    398 MB   /dev/sda2    efi    104 MB    33 MB          Windows Boot Manager   /dev/sda3    16 MB    unknown   /dev/sda4    ntfs    127440 MB    90236 MB   free space    0 MB  /dev/sdb   free space    250059 MB  

As you can see I have a 128 GB SSD with windows installed on and a 250 GB SSD which I'm about to install linux on.

  1. I'm going to set a primary partition for root and assign 64 GB and Ext4 to it, an extended partition for /home and assign it as logical and set 128 GB with Ext4 and another extended partition for swap, logical, 16 GB, at the end of the free space and again Ext4; is this correct?

  2. I have 58 GB free space left do I need to assign it to some mount points like /boot or /tmp or /usr etc. ?

  3. Device for boot loader installation: where should I install it? an article on the internet suggested if I install it on a partition other than where windows is installed I have to assign linux manually in MBR so what's the best course of action here? .


First, You have Windows is in EFI mode, thus gpt disks not MBR disks. BE sure your Ubuntu installer boots in EFI mode. you will have much difficulty if you install ubuntu in Legacy mode.

Second, 64GB is really too much for /. Make 20-30 GB for /, 16 GB swap (if you hibernate), and the rest for /home. All will be primary partitions since GPT does not need or use extended partitions.

Third, the EFI bootloader should be installed to the EFI partition (sda2) on the primary disk if both are internal drives. The installer will take care of this automatically.

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