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I'm currently on windows 10, however eventually i would like to install ubuntu (or maybe go back to windows 7). I created a bootable USB for ubuntu and restarted my PC to boot from there and the plan is to use gpart to wipe HD clean of all previous stuff.

I just had a question about what i see in gpart and which partitions should i delete. Again, i've always been more of a windows user so not sure what (and when) these partitions were created for me. Would be great if someone could explain how to read this screen. Also, could i go ahead and format all these individually? Or just delete the partitions?

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"the plan is to use gpart to wipe HD clean of all previous stuff."

Hoped you backedup your important stuffs.

Ubuntu installation gives you option to install to the Entire HDD space selecting that option will "wipe HD clean of all previous stuff" and the fresh installed Ubuntu will occupy entire space.

Am guessing you don't want to do the above "which partitions should i delete".? you ask

From gparted above it seam you had windows install in /dev/sda2, /dev/sda1 Windows system reverse. IF your plan is to dual boot you will not want to touch those.

The possible installation candidate will be /dev/sda5 don't know what you use it for but it has enough space that you can either shrink to use for Ubuntu or backup the stuffs in it and use it entirely for your Ubuntu. If thats what you want "feel free" to delete the the partition(/dev/sda5).

Edited to answer question in comment:

  1. What is /dev/sda1 Windows system reverse?

    You could find this helpful. how do i know?. flags, label.

  2. How did you guess windows is installed in /dev/sda2?

    Its fairly obvious. knock out the other possibilities and its left alone. it can't be /dev/sda5 the used space is too small for windows to fit in. /dev/sda4 ? the label and the flag gives it away.

  3. How do these paritions map to c:\ drive in windows? which paritions is my c:

    The partition windows is install is automatically named C.

Am not laying down any universal rule here talking out of familiarity.

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