Ubuntu: Opening Chromium on Ubuntu VPS


Ubuntu noob here. I recently got a VPS running Ubuntu, and decided to install Chromium, my preferred browser, on it. After installation completed, I got a message stating that I cannot open Chromium with root privileges. How would I go about opening Chromium?


As you mentioned you are trying to run chromium-browser as root.

For doing this purpose you can run chromium-browser with --no-sandbox and --user-data-dir options with this command:

chromium-browser --no-sandbox --user-data-dir  

And you can edit /etc/chromium-browser/default file :

sudo nano /etc/chromium-browser/default  

And add this flags:

--no-sandbox --user-data-dir  

So it should be look like this:

CHROMIUM_FLAGS="--no-sandbox --user-data-dir"  

So now you can run chromium-browser as root without any issues:


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