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I'm using Ubuntu Core for the first time, running a RocketChat server on a Raspberry Pi 3.

In order for anyone outside my home network to be able to use it, I'm trying to install ngrok per instructions in https://github.com/RocketChat/Rocket.Chat.RaspberryPi:

curl https://dl.ngrok.com/ngrok_2.0.19_linux_arm.zip -o ngrok.zip unzip ngrok.zip cd ngrok ./ngrok http 3000  

However, I just get this:

-bash: curl: command not found  

I've been trying to install either curl or ngrok, and failing at both. Can I only install things that exist in the snap catalogue? How do I solve this? Where can I read more?

Edit: OK, so I can only install snaps, right? Is there any other good solution for anyone outside of my home network to access the RocketChat server?


Taking from HTTP Request Without curl or wget you can install classic bash shell with

snap install classic --edge --devmode  sudo classic  

after start the shell:

sudo apt-get install curl  

Unfortunately, at this moment http://dl.ngrok.com doesn't work but in apt-cache you can find ngrok-server. I hope is the same.


the link to the ngrok zip file is changed,

register to ngrok and follow the instruction to download the correct executale file (for me and you on this page https://ngrok.com/download , linux arm executable)

after unzipping it, follow the instruction on the same page to add your auth token and to start ngrok

./ngrok authtoken myauthtoken

./ngrok http 3000

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