Ubuntu: Newer versions of traceroute have limited functionality


Running traceroute 1.9.4 on shows

traceroute -m 30 -q 1 -w 3 -A  traceroute: invalid option -- 'A'  Try 'traceroute --help' or 'traceroute --usage' for more information.  

However the same command from the stanford website shows a lot more information http://www-wanmon.slac.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/nph-traceroute.pl

Executing exec(traceroute -m 30 -q 1 -w 3 -A  traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 140 byte packets   1  rtr-servcore1-serv01-webserv.slac.stanford.edu ( [AS3671]  0.725 ms   2  rtr-core2-p2p-serv01-02.slac.stanford.edu ( [AS3671]  0.665 ms   3  rtr-fwcore2-trust-p2p-core2.slac.stanford.edu ( [AS3671]  1.444 ms   4  rtr-core1-p2p-fwcore1-untrust.slac.stanford.edu ( [AS3671]  1.402 ms   5  *   6  sunncr5-ip-c-slac.slac.stanford.edu ( [AS3671]  2.225 ms   7  eqxsjcr5-ip-a-sunncr5.es.net ( [AS293]  2.215 ms   8 ( [AS292]  2.179 ms   9  if-ae-1-2.tcore1.SQN-San-Jose.as6453.net ( [AS6453]  252.809 ms  10  if-ae-12-2.tcore1.NTO-New-York.as6453.net ( [AS6453]  252.866 ms  11  if-ae-7-2.tcore1.N0V-New-York.as6453.net ( [AS6453]  252.106 ms  12  if-ae-2-2.tcore2.N0V-New-York.as6453.net ( [AS6453]  251.617 ms  13  if-ae-4-2.tcore2.L78-London.as6453.net ( [AS6453]  252.372 ms  14  if-ae-9-2.tcore2.WYN-Marseille.as6453.net ( [AS6453]  248.352 ms  15  if-ae-2-2.tcore1.WYN-Marseille.as6453.net ( [AS6453]  161.635 ms  16  if-ge-2-0-0.core1.N71-Fujairah.as6453.net ( [AS6453]  252.793 ms  17 ( [AS6453]  301.176 ms  

Is it that older versions of traceroute had more functionality? I'm running traceroute on Ubuntu 17.04 installed from the inetutils package.

How do I get the actually useful version of traceroute?

I would like to especially be able to get an ip address provider's AS number


Here's Usage from my local install

jonathan@ubuntu ~> traceroute --usage  Usage: traceroute [-I?V] [-f NUM] [-g GATES] [-m NUM] [-M METHOD] [-p PORT]              [-q NUM] [-t NUM] [-w NUM] [--first-hop=NUM] [--gateways=GATES]              [--icmp] [--max-hop=NUM] [--type=METHOD] [--port=PORT]              [--tries=NUM] [--resolve-hostnames] [--tos=NUM] [--wait=NUM]              [--help] [--usage] [--version] HOST  


traceroute has a -A option in Ubuntu. The manual page for traceroute 17.04 says:

 SYNOPSIS       traceroute [-46dFITUnreAV] [-f first_ttl] [-g gate,...]             [-i device] [-m max_ttl] [-p port] [-s src_addr]             [-q nqueries] [-N squeries] [-t tos]             [-l flow_label] [-w waittime] [-z sendwait] [-UL] [-D]             [-P proto] [--sport=port] [-M method] [-O mod_options]             [--mtu] [--back]             host [packet_len]     traceroute6  [options]     tcptraceroute  [options]     lft  [options]  


  -A     Perform AS path lookups in routing registries and print  results            directly after the corresponding addresses.  

It would be pretty odd to remove functionality from commands.

Make sure you TYPE it and do not copy/past from the web. The - might not be a -.

My system (17.04) shows this:

~$ traceroute -A  traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets  ...   5  te0-0-0-1-tc1-br1.router.nl.clara.net ( [AS8426]  8.755 ms  9.239 ms  9.588 ms   6  core2.ams.net.google.com ( [AS1200]  10.104 ms  4.409 ms  5.527 ms  

So it is the normal one. I removed the 1st 4 due to the nameservers.

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