Ubuntu: Navigate back and forth in IntelliJ without using arrow keys [closed]


I am an emacs person. In emacs, to navigate forward and backward one character I use ctrl-f and ctrl-b. Using IntelliJ I do not want to use the arrow keys. The arrow keys slow me down significantly. In IntelliJ Ctrl-f and Ctrl-b are already assigned to find and go-to-declaration, respectively.

I am curious to know if and how some of you navigate though code in IntelliJ without relying on arrow keys.

Also, in the same arrow-key-free manner, any idea for jumping forward/ backward one word at a time? (replacement for the default ctrl-forward_arrow, ctrl-backward_arrow)

Thanks for sharing your experience.

EDIT: a valid solution to this question would allow for touch-typing, meaning the user would not have to lift his hand while working in the IDE. The answer should also preserve the default IntelliJ keymaps.

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