Ubuntu: Nautilus thumbnails don't appear in 14.04


This is a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.04. Also seems to happen in 16.04.

In Nautilus > Edit > Preferences > Preview

I have "Show thumbnails" as "Local files only" and "Only for files smaller than" 100MB.

Changing those settings to anything else doesn't generate thumbs either.

~/.cache/thumbnails is owned by me, and I can see thumbnails in there for the Desktop Backgrounds but nothing else.

I have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed.

I don't see thumbs for any file type or size. Nothing at all.


just do this

sudo rm -rf ~/.thumbnails/* ~/.cache/thumbnails/*


For me the problem was that the ~/.cache/thumbnails folder had changed ownership to root for some reason. Fixed with (replacing user with the name of your user):

sudo chown -R user:user ~/.cache/thumbnails/  


I faced this problem but I Googled everywhere but nothing solves my problem. But later on I found out that the thumbnailer was just stuck. Try typing this at the terminal:

killall evince-thumbnailer  

It will kill the thumbnailing process, and then you get your new thumbnails regenerated again. :)

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