Ubuntu: Moving bullet points


In LibreOffice Writer, I used to be able to move bulleted lines very conveniently up or down in my list by holding down alt-cntrl while hitting the up or down cursor movement keys. I was surprised to find this function when I did--by accident--and did something to make it disappear. Anyone know how to get it back?


On the Writer's menu select Tools -> Customize -> Keyboard. Under "Shortcut keys" select "ctrl+Alt+Down". Under Functions/Category select "Edit" and under Functions/Function select "Move Down". Finally, select Writer on the right (if not already selected) and press "Modify". Repeat the same steps for "Move Down".


I tested it on a KDE based desktop and worked OK. On a Linux Mint 18.3 (Ubuntu 16.04) and an Ubuntu 17.10 computer the behavior is as you describe, but that's no problem. You can assign it to Alt+Shift+Up/Down. This worked on Linux Mint and Ubuntu.

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