Ubuntu: LXDE installed, but login screen has no option to login into LXDE


I am using ubuntu 16.04. However I want to use a light weight desktop environment as a backup, so I install LXDE using:

sudo apt install lxde  

I install it successfully with no errors, however when I log out(even reboot) I found no option to login into LXDE environment. What shall I do next?

ps: I don't want to install Lubuntu-desktop.

pss: Must I install lxdm to use LXDE? If installed this, can my unity desktop works well?

Please help.


I had the same problem and here's the fix: you need to install lxde-common after installing lxde. it includes lxsession and two other packages needed for lxde:

sudo apt install lxde-common  

I don't know why dependencies aren't covered in this particular package.


Amazingly, I installed lxsession package and reboot, finding that I have session lxde and openbox.

However, the logout button doesn't work, so I installed lxsession-logout, still I can't logout.

Then I remove lxsession-logout and install lxde-logout and all works. It seems that when install lxde-logout, lxsession-logout is automatically added.


In my case there was a problem with the mirror I was using (missing packages), which caused apt-get to install only some of the LXDE required packages so it thought they were all installed

After editing /etc/apt/sources.list and changing the repository, then apt-get update && apt-get install lxde worked fine

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