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Just installed Kubuntu 17.04 on my computer.

When the lock screen comes on the time is shown as am/pm while I want to have it in 24 hours format. The date comes as yyyy.MM.dd.day, which I wanted to have it dd.month.yyyy.day (15.07.2017.Saturday).

I found an answer on Ask Ubuntu saying I should make changes on InfoPanel.qml. I could not find this file at the specified address, instead I found Clock.qml. I went through this file, found the relevant lines and made my changes accordingly. When I do Ctrl+Alt+L it displays OK it seems.

But after I closed programs and log off when I restart again or reboot my laptop it still uses the am/pm and the yyyy.MM.dd.date day again.

After logging in if I do Ctrl+Alt+L then it is OK again.

How can I get the correct format every time I log in, from the first boot of the day?


How to display KDE lock screen time in 24-hour format

This thread tells you exactly how to do that i think brother.

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