Ubuntu: Libreoffice impress presentation, draw and base not available


I'm new in the world of Linux and I have a problem. I installed xubuntu 16.04 and I noticed that the preinstalled Libreoffice was not complete (impress presentation, draw drawing and base database not available) so I upgraded to the newest version with

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/ppa && sudo apt update    sudo apt dist-upgrade && sudo apt install libreoffice-gtk2 libreoffice-gnome  


...the upgrade worked but it didn't install the missing programs... How can I install the full suite? Do I have to uninstall and reinstall libreoffice? Thank you


For those of you who haven't resorted to the PPA and just want to install the missing pieces, Open Software Center, type libreoffice in the search box and select the missing components and install them. In my case, base is the only one I don't have installed. Example below:

enter image description here

If you've already unnecessarily installed the PPA you can revert to the distribution version vis the use of ppa-purge

ppa-purge provides a bash shell script capable of automatically down‐         grading all packages in a given PPA back to the ubuntu versions.           You  have  to  run it using root privileges  

For further details in it's use please see the man page with the command

man ppa-purge


Absolutely, you will have to install Draw in 16.04 > as well, as it is not included by default/OS install. I personally can't stand the software center, it's a dog, like the discontinued Ubuntu Software Center, and don't like the command line, so I would recommend using it for one thing: install Synaptic, take a little time to learn to use it, and add what you need there.

It is MUCH easier and faster, you get extra information about what is available, what is installed, version numbers, etc. You can add PPA's and downloaded package files ( .deb ) so you don't have to use a tool like Gdebi, and get all confused running 3 or more package managers on the system (you can only run them one at a time anyway) or blindly installing stuff from command line that you've copied off the web. It also shows dependencies, suggested and recommended extras (either or both of which you can set to install automatically, or skip installing) and often, alternatives if you search correctly. Great old tool that works!

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