Ubuntu: Is there a text to speech software that allows you to save the audio for later?


So, basically I'm looking for a text-to-speech software that not only can read my files to me (I currently use Okular), but also would let me save the speech as an audio file, so that I can listen to it another time somewhere else.

And, obviously, if Okular already has this feature I'd like to know how to do it.

Thanks a lot!


You can do this with Espeak from the repository.

The command options are simple (man espeak). You can pipe text through espeak or use the -f <text file> option to have it speak a text file.

The normal output is the audio sound. Use the option --standout > filename.wav to save the output to an audio for later.

These steps will create a file, hello.wav. The first line will create the file. The second line will play the file.

$ echo "Hello, I am a computer." | espeak --stdout > hello.wav  $ mplayer hello.wav  

This will create a wav file of a text file. The second line will play the text file.

$ espeak -f readme.txt --stdout > readme.wav  $ mplayer readme.wav  


You can turn a PDF file into a text file with pdftotext, then process the text file with the steps above.

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