Ubuntu: Is there any general way to updates programmes which are out-date from Software Center?


Well, the problem comes from Tex-stuff which changes very frequently and so, versions of Texlive and so on have outdated packages. I do not know how to solve this particular problem, I mean, how to mantain Tex-stuff updated.

Moreove I want to know if there is a general way to solve similar problems (programms which are outdated in Software Center or Synaptic).

Any advices or help?


TexLive: Go https://launchpad.net/~jonathonf/+archive/ubuntu/texlive for the "Backport of latest available TeX Live packages"

Other software: you need to find the repositories that holds the latest packages for the individual softwares and add them. Most of these repositories can be found on Launchpad, but you can just Google and see where the repositories are and add them respectively (some people may host them privately).

Best is if you install Synaptic Package Manager to help you keep these packages updated, instead of using the Software Center.

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