Ubuntu: Is it possible to create rounded corners for an inserted image in LibreOffice Impress?


I imported an image into LibreOffice Impress. For this image I would like to apply rounded corners. Does LibreOffice Impress provide a tool to change the corners of an inserted image?


Rounded corners idea


You can give to an image the shape you like by:

  1. insert image
  2. Create shape that you want to give to the image, and put it above the image
  3. Select both objects
  4. Right-click on them, "shapes" -> "intersect"

There you go.

Using this approach you can have rounded corners or whatever other shape you like.

See screenshots: menu result


As far as I know, this has not been possible before, and according to relevant documentation there are no such feature in LibreOffice.

You probably need to use a 3rd party software to apply rounded edges.

However, based of my knowledge this is achievable in the current OpenOffice. You might want to give it a shot :)

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