Ubuntu: iMac 27 i5 2010 HDD fan control


Since I've changed the original HDD to SSD the fan is going like crazy always at max or close to it. Under /sys/devices/platform/applesmc786/ if I edit fan2_output to 0 the fan stops for a second before going back up to 5400rpm. I could make a script to keep writing 0 every 0.5 second to the file, bu I believe that will be a heavy burden on the machine. I can see other files that could be useful fan2_input, fan2_manual, fan2_max, but I can't write on it even after changing permissions. Maybe writing 0 to the fan2_max will make the fan stop, but again I can't write. Why cat I write to this files, and how to solve it? Im on Ubuntu Gnome 16.04

Thanks Alex


Try To Open The Case And Blow The Dust Or Try To Stress Test It

For Windows Users Install Fan Control

For Mac Users Install Mac's Fan Control

For Ubuntu Users 1. Do The Following Command "sudo sensors-detect" 2. Then "sudo service module-init-tools restart"

> To Configure The Speed Or Read The Whole Article ---- How to control fan speed?

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