Ubuntu: I'm looking for an lrc files editor


I use lrc files throw the "OSD lyrics" program which allows to display lyrics stored in the *.lrc files.
For those who don't know, lrc files contain time tags which allow to display the lyrics synchronised with the current played song.
It's a pain to create lrc file with a simple text editor. So I'm wondering if anyone knows a program to edit the time tags in the lrc files?

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A quick search on the web got me this list of editors for lrc-files.

Hope one of them meets your needs.


There's an emacs mode for that: https://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/LyricMode


In case you or other people want to try a flexible way to sync your audio file with lyrics, you can use this online LRC Maker that does it perfectly line by line using LRC Simple Format.

Advantages :

  • User can click on Time Tags directly to update time while the music time is progressing.

  • User can click on any Lyrics Line and the music current time will seek to that time, this allow the User to correct the next Line that he might missed or incorrectly sychronized.

  • It plays multiple music format and stream them locally with 0 MB of traffic.

  • LRC text is saved online, you and other Users can grab them later on, and you can edit them as you wish.

Disadvantages :

  • No Enhanced Format (Word by Word, Karaoke style) supported yet. But this is from a progressive website and ELRC will be supported soon.

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