Ubuntu: I get the “unable to locate package” message when trying to install php-xml-rss, even though I have the universe repo added


I'm currently configuring a Wordpress hosting platform, and one of the packages that I need to install is php-xml-rss. It's in the universe repo, which I have added, and I ran apt-get update and upgrade, so I know it's up to date. When I run the command to download php-xml-rss, I just get a "unable to locate package" message. I was able to get the rest of my packages with no issues. Any clue what might be causing this?


On my research I found that php-xml-rss package is only available in trusty (14.04LTS), you can verify it here.

A solution could be to download the .DEB files from here or here, depending on which version of Ubuntu you're using.

Hope it helps.

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