Ubuntu: I broke my Ubuntu?


So i'm running ubuntu 16.04 and i wanted to make a dual boot with windows 7. I used gparted live cd to allocate some space for the windows to be installed but then i saw i don't have enough. So i allocated it back to my main partition, wanting to boot back in linux, delete some stuff and then retry. After i reallocated the space, a small ~1mb was left unallocated. When i tried to boot back into linux i was surprised with the GRUB showing up (first time ever). I choosed the first option and then i was left with a black screen and two lines of text "dev/sda1: recovering journal" "dev/sda1: clean xxxx/xxxx blocks xxxx/xxxx" What can i do now? I have some projects on my hdd so formatting is not an option. Please please help me solve this.

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