Ubuntu: How to start IntelliJ?


I have installed JDK8 from Oracle and IntelliJ using this tutorial; Good Intellij installation on ubuntu 15

I am on step #4 where I am supposed to "Start IntelliJ to configure and create a desktop entry". How do I start it?


go to the directory through the terminal where the installation files were extracted and

cd bin  ./idea.sh  


Add the bin folder to your path variable. Your path variable can be edited with sudo vi /etc/environment.
As with all sudo commands, care should be taken. Think before you write and don't just copy what i wrote.

in /etc/environment, you should see PATH="/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:[more path locations]"
in /etc/environment, Add the following line after the lasth path, before the double quote that ends the variable:
In the case of the linked guide you would have to add: :/opt/idea-IC/bin.

Then you have to log out (or reboot) for the changes you made to take effect. Afterwards you should be able to start intelliJ by running the command idea.sh

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