Ubuntu: How to install a Ubuntu dual boot with Windows 10, when the UEFI partition is NTFS?


I have recently received a machine with a OEM Windows 10 installed. But I couldn't install Ubuntu on it, because the UEFI partition was in NTFS format. Instead of vfat/fat32 like the the UEFI specification stipulates. NTFS is not even mentioned there. But like always: Microsoft is bigger than any international standards, so others need to adapt.

I tried different methods to recreate the UEFI partition, but I couldn't get it working without removing the Windows installation. I was considering to reinstall Windows 10 and try to force the UEFI in FAT format.

But I was able to talk the customer/user out of using Windows natively, since he only needs this to Admin Windows servers and simulate problems of Windows users/customers. Remmina will do to connect to the Windows servers and virtual machines will do to simulate Windows software problems.

Still I think it would be a good idea to collect workarounds/fixes for the dual boot with NTFS UEFI partitions. Since I fear I won't be the only person confronted with this issue.

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