Ubuntu: How to install PAPI on Ubuntu 16.04 and access performace monitoring counters?


I need to count L2 cache misses (my cpu is i5-3550), so I downloaded last PAPI version. I followed instructions contained in the archive to install it (./configure, make and make install) and it worked. The only problem is that it seems it cannot access performace monitoring counters,in fact in the INSTALL.txt it says: "Kernel needs some modifications to provide PAPI access to the performance monitoring counters." Is it really necessary? If so, can you guide me step by step?


To install PAPI

Step 1: sudo apt-get update

Step 2: sudo apt-get install papi-tools

To Remove PAPI

Step 1: sudo apt-get remove papi-tools

To Completely removing papi-tools with all configuration files

Step 1 : sudo apt-get purge papi-tools

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