Ubuntu: How to have more than 4 desktop spaces in Ubuntu mate


I have a pretty hefty computer and tend to use the extra work spaces a lot. But I want more than 4 because I often run applications in one work space and then switch to the next and run a different application and I tend to run out of space in my work spaces. Is there a way to add 4 more work spaces so I will have 8? Or am I stuck with 4?


You have to do a right click on the taskbar until the "Add to Panel" option appears (depends on the area you click, usually near the menu is a good place to try) and then choose "Workspace Switcher" from the bottom of the list of the new window. The switcher will appear in the panel and you have to right click on it and select Preferences from the popup menu. Another window will appear and you'll be able to increase the number of workspaces.

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After you're done setting the desired number of workspaces you can remove the switcher from the panel and everything will continue working.

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