Ubuntu: How to fix WINE NSIS Error?


I installed the WineHQ Staging branch from this page: https://wiki.winehq.org/Ubuntu

However, when I open a file ".exe" by Wine, I get an NSIS error; but I can't fix it.

image here

What should I do to fix it?


The executable you are trying to start is not passing a -self test- check. That means the program itself feels there is something wrong, could be a damaged download or DRM.

As it says in the notice: "Contact the installer's author to obtain a new copy".

More on this on the NSIS page. It has a final thing to say:

Final options

As a last resort, the installer can be executed even though it's corrupted. To bypass the corruption test, pass /NCRC on the command line. To do so, go to Start->Run, type cmd and hit Enter. A black console window should open. Drag the installer into the window, hit Space and type /NCRC. Hit Enter again and the installer should start. This is not recommended!

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