Ubuntu: How to delete/edit files created by other user? [duplicate]


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I asked client to create a sub-domain and a folder for me.

He created a sub-domain and dir ygjhazaxnv

I only have SSH access as mani user.

I put files in ygjhazaxnv folder via Git pull and the owner of all these files is mani. So far all OK.

Now the project I configured is able to create files dynamically, whatever the files are created by my project(PHP files) has owner ygjhazaxnv

Now how can I delete files created by ygjhazaxnv user when logged in as mani?

I tried to own those files via chown but error chown: changing ownership of ‘ABC’: Operation not permitted

Both ygjhazaxnv and root user lies under group www-data

Server is Amazon EC2


Ask the client to add mani to the group named www-data and give write permissions to that group for the whole folder.


You might also consider setting the umask for both users to 002 instead of the default (022). This will ensure files created by both users have group writable access.

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