Ubuntu: How to completely remove Desktop Environments after the Terminal option didn't work?


I installed Xfce4, Xubuntu-Desktop, and Ubuntu-GNOME Desktop Environments on my computer. Then I tried to remove them using the Terminal - and nothing happened.

I typed:

sudo apt-get remove xfce4

sudo apt-get remove xubuntu-desktop

sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-gnome-desktop

Now I have the Xubuntu-Desktop Loader and the Ubuntu-GNOME Lock Screen set as default. I've been trying restarting the computer several times, with no success in removing them.

What should I do now? (without reinstalling Ubuntu).

Thank you.


If you have installed the meta-packages, as xfce4 is, you should use sudo apt-get autoremove after removing xfce4. Removing only the meta package don't remove the packages that came with them.

For example, the xfce session comes with the package xfce4-session, and not the xfce4. Removing xfce4 only don't remove xfce4-session. So, after removing xfce4, you have to use sudo apt-get autoremove to remove the xfce4-session correctly.

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