Ubuntu: How to change Gnome shell window expanding color? (image included)


First, sorry for the unclear title.

So I have been playing with the CSS file at /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/gdm3.css and try to change Gnome's default orange color, which is #DD4814 and #E95420. Everything works fine, but the color of windows when I resize them by pulling its top bar to the edges of the screen still remains orange.

Image here

Currently I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 shipped with Gnome shell 3.28.1
And I don't want to install themes with User themes. Being able to customize it myself is one of my efforts to try to learn Ubuntu.

1- That orange square thingy, I absolutely have no clue what is it called. So if possible, please tell me its name?
2- As you can see, I searched for those colors in every *.css file in that theme folder and found nothing. How can I change its color?
3- Lastly, I would be hugely appreciated if someone can give me some kind of CSS cheatsheet for the Gnome shell. I looked for it everywhere and still not yet found, maybe I did it the wrong way somehow.

Thank you!

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