Ubuntu: How do I remove wine and playonlinux completely?


PlayOnLinux isn't working, so I uninstalled and then re-installed it. But still it isn't working. I think I did not uninstall it correctly. Could someone help me?


I have tried all the sudo apt-get remove wine and "rm ~/.blahblahblah here" and wine will still be there. I installed synaptic package manager and removed from there. This got it all out. Copy and paste this into your teminal:

sudo apt-get install synaptic  

run the manager, type in the search window wine right click on the ones with a green box that has wine in it's description, and choose mark for complete removal then go to the top tool bar, find the green check with apply written underneath and click it. Wine is now gone. Hope this helps those who are stuck with other methods and no results. Good Luck!

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After uninstalling PlayOnLinux, delete the hidden folder .PlayOnLinux in your home directory and it's link:

rm -r ~/.PlayOnLinux ~/"PlayOnLinux's virtual drives"  

Now reinstall PlayOnLinux.


this should do the job

sudo apt-get remove wine playonlinux  

and if you dont want the configuration files you should change the remove for purge

and then remove the folder like @the_Seppi says.

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