Ubuntu: How do I remove an icon from the top panel in GNOME Fallback mode?


When I right click the Filezilla icon, the only options are "launch" and "properties". How do I remove it from the top panel?

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You are using the Gnome-Classic interface - either you are using this by choice, or you are using the fallback mode which occurs if your graphics card & driver doesnt the 3D Acceleration required for the full Gnome-Shell GUI.

To add and remove application launchers in the gnome-panel you need to:

Press Win+Alt and right-click the top menu bar - N.B. Win is the Windows Symbol key

If you are not using Compiz then you need to :

Press Alt and right-click the top menu bar

Much more information is described in the linked Q&A and other links in that answer.

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Hold Alt while right-mouse clicking on the said icon.

A menu should then appear giving you the options to either move it or remove from panel.



Worked on Ubuntu 16.04

gsettings set org.gnome.gnome-panel.lockdown locked-down false

Last option maybe

dconf reset -f /  

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