Ubuntu: How do I disable network printer discovery in Ubuntu 17.10?


I have an HP network printer on my local network. I have installed HPLIP on my Ubuntu 17.10 laptop. I keep getting OSD notifications of the same printer being added. It is a duplicate printer instance that I do not want added to my system.

I have tried editing the cups config as directed here: Ubuntu 17.04 - 'printer added' notifications under Gnome

That does not stop the OSD or the printer being added.


You need to disable Bonjour on your printer.

Assuming the web interface for the HP 8500 is similar to the HP 8740, do the following:

  1. In your web browser, go to your printer's setting page.


    Replace nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn with the IP address of your printer. (For local addresses, it is always a good idea to put the "/" at the end of the address).

    If you get a warning, "Your connection is not private", then click "Advanced" and select the "Proceed to ..." link. (This is for Chrome, so the message on other web browsers may differ slightly).

    You will be taken to the printer's web configuration page.

  2. Click on Network

  3. Click + Advanced Settings to expand it

  4. Click Bonjour

  5. Select the Disable Bonjour radio button

  6. Click the Apply button

  7. The duplicate network detected printer should disappear from your Ubuntu system. If you manually setup the printer (using hplip), that version of the printer will still be available on your system.

Disable Bonjour on an HP printer using the web interface


Try going to the CUPS control panel in your browser, https://localhost:631

Administration > Manage Printers > "Your printer" > Administration Dropdown > Continue on pre-existing settings > Uncheck "Share this Printer"

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