Ubuntu: How do I change The Ubuntu display manager back to lightdm


As I was trying to solve desktop-icon problems though terminal, I came to the choice between lightdm and gdm3. Not knowing what either of them were, I selected gdm3.

It loaded a good amount of code, and I noticed it went though all of the same processes that sudo update-grub would. The next time the computer rebooted, the boot went fine, but it looked a lot different. Here is the new display manager logo. This logo shows up on start-up and shutdown. How do I get Ubuntu's display manager back to what it was?

I've since switched the desktop display manager back to lightdm successfully, but I can't figure out how to change too boot display manager back too.

My main concern is about reinstalling ubuntu. Since the display manager is different, a live Ubuntu USB does not recognise Ubuntu as its own operating system and thus will not "reinstall."

I'm sure the answer is very simple, but being fairly new to Ubuntu, I need some help. Indeed, any help is greatly appreciated.


Run sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth, then pick a theme.

You will need to run sudo update-grub afterwards to see the change.

(Edit: It's replacing the shutdown theme just fine, but not the startup theme.)

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