Ubuntu: How can I see the email address and other details entered when users are created?


Using Ubuntu 14.4.05

I am logged in as the root user and have sudo access.

There are a number of user accounts currently setup on the system.

How can I view the full details about each of these users (via the command line)?

I need to see the information entered when the account was created such as 'Full Name', specifically 'Email Address'. I know the user names.

I tried the finger <username> command but it's telling me that finger isn't installed. I'd rather achieve this without installing any additional packages.


You can use the pinky command instead of finger. It is included with the GNU coreutils and should be installed on your system.

Use pinky -l username to get all information for a specific user.

There also is a chance that the email is in /etc/passwd you can check with cat /etc/passwd.

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