Ubuntu: How can I change user on gdrive?


Ubuntu version: 14.04.5 LTS.

gdrive is a command line utility for interacting with Google Drive.

I have initialized gdrive (https://github.com/prasmussen/gdrive) with a specific user. As example gdrive about returns its information.

The way I install gdrive:

$ go get github.com/prasmussen/gdrive  $ gopath=$(go env | grep 'GOPATH' | cut -d "=" -f 2 | tr -d '"')  $ echo 'export PATH=$PATH:$gopath/bin' >> ~/.profile  $ source .profile  $ gdrive about # This line authenticates the user only once on the same node.  Authentication needed  Go to the following url in your browser:  https://accounts.google.com/o/oauth2/auth?access_type=offline&client_id=...e=state  Enter verification code:  

gdrive about  User: userName userSurname, <e-mail@gmail.com>  Used: 6.5 GB  Free: 9.6 GB  Total: 16.1 GB  Max upload size: 5.2 TB  

I want to reinitialize/re-authentication gdrive again with a completely new user email address.

[Q] Is there any way to change the user's information with another email address?

If I remove gdrive and re-install it, could it be a solution?


gdrive help about will output:

Google drive metadata, quota usage  gdrive [global] about [options]    global:    -c, --config <configDir>         Application path, default: /home/banyhong/.gdrive    --refresh-token <refreshToken>   Oauth refresh token used to get access token (for advanced users)    --access-token <accessToken>     Oauth access token, only recommended for short-lived requests because of short lifetime (for advanced users)    options:    --bytes   Show size in bytes  

The easiest way to clean authentication data is to rm -rf ~/.gdrive.

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