Ubuntu: /home/username/desktop not recognized: “No such file or directory” [closed]


I'm new to Ubuntu within the past couple of months.

I'm working to get some color profiles uploaded to /usr/share/color/icc by way of copying a file to that directory from off my desktop. The issue I'm running into is that all of the standard directories nested under /home/ (including desktop, documents, downloads, etc) are not getting recognized as such, prompting me to get the error message no such file or directory anytime I try to access them through terminal.

I understand in theory how to get the folder copied between profiles, but in practice I don't know why everything under my /home/ directory is not getting recognized as a directory in terminal. Once I get past that, getting the color profiles copied over should be straight forward.

I'm thinking that it may have something to do with how the home directory is structured but I don't want to mess with too much at the risk of making the problem worse by barking up the wrong tree.

Any advice?


Check the directories list in your ~/ user directory:

ls ~/ or ls /home/username/

Then make sure, you have Desktop directory in that list. I think, you just need to use capital D in your command. Try /home/username/Desktop instead.

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