Ubuntu: Home directory or disk encryption without filename encryption


Is there any way to use ecryptfs to encrypt the whole disk or only the home directory without simultaneously encrypting the filenames?

I'm asking this question because I have to get rid of the maximum filename length restriction of 143 characters imposed by encrypted filenames. The operating system is Ubuntu 17.10.



Clonezilla will clone the current system's drive either directly to a cloned copy or to a compressed image, that can be restored to a cloned copy.

This will preserve the current partition structure, file system and encryption, and will work as a backup, but it is not very useful in order to convert the system to another kind of partition structure (LVM with LUKS encryption).

Fresh installation often easiest and fastest

It is often easiest and fastest to make a fresh installation instead of converting from the previous system.

  • Backup your personal files to another drive. You can use rsync or tar or some specialized backup program for this purpose.

  • It might be a good idea to have a general backup too, and this backup can be made with Clonezilla. In that case I suggest that you make an image of the whole drive.

  • Install a fresh system, in this case select Entire disk with LVM and encryption.

  • Install the additional program packages that you remember (that you need).

  • Copy back your personal files from the backup. It helps if you use a separate data partition for your personal data (but it is not necessary).

  • Later on, when you need another program package, install it. This way you will get rid of old program packages, that you will not use.

Ask for details (in comments), if you have questions or need detailed explanations of some step, or if you want to modify something from this general outline.

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