Ubuntu: Has wine been updated for newest ubuntu? [closed]


Trying to get some windows programs running on ubuntu. Some will run others no. Wondering if wine has been up dated for latest ubuntu version? Charley



This shows the version of all packages for all supported releases of ubuntu. https://packages.ubuntu.com/source/artful/wine shows the latest stable version of wine. The development version is not finished until it is released nor is it supported here.

So artful has a newer version 2.0.2 with wine stable compared to 1.6.8 in xenial. So it has been updated since the last LTS that has been released and with this you can always check if a new version of ubuntu for now on. This is the general solution to this problem and you can search for all packages.

Although not all windows programs run in wine but your question currently has no details on those programs so I unfortanetly can't help you.

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