Ubuntu: GNU GRUB problem after ubuntu 16.04 update


After downloading and installing the automatic updates for ubuntu 16.04, my system crashed. Whenever I boot the computer, a bash screen appears with the header GNU GRUB version 2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.16. Obviously, the kernel cannot be accessed. Tab delivers a variety of possible commands, but unfortunately I don't know which one to use. I run ubuntu on a Lenovo Yoga machine. It would be great if anyone could help me! Thank you very much


Same here. I ended up fixing it using recovery CD to repair grub related stuff. You can take look at this one https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair




And you will see, for example:

(hd0) (hd0,msdos3) (hd0,msdos2) (hd0,msdos1) (hd1) (hd1,msdos2) (hd1,msdos1)  

Now you can see some disks and partitions. You must list each partition to find where ubuntu is installed. For example:

set prefix=(hd0,1)/boot/grub   set root=(hd0,1)  

With these commands, we specify to use the disk (hd0,1) for further commands. After that, you need to check whether there really is on this section what we need. We give the command:

ls /boot/grub  

if the answer is a list of all the files in this directory, then the disk and partition are selected correctly. We load modules:

insmod ext2  insmod normal  normal  

If everything is ok and working, next step - restore grub in Linux terminal

P.S. I founded this method here and here :-)

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