Ubuntu: Getting error while updating all snaps using single command


I am running Ubuntu-16.04 LTS. I have some snaps installed on my system. When I update these snaps one-by-one (by running sudo snap refresh <snap name>), I don't encounter any errors.

But when I update all the snaps using one single command, i.e. sudo snap refresh all, I get the following error :-

error: cannot refresh "all": cannot find snap "all"  

But this offcial Ubuntu Snaps' Guide states that sudo snap refresh all is the right method to update all snaps.

How do I resolve this issue ?


That documentation is incorrect. The command to refresh all your snaps is:

sudo snap refresh

NOTE: You do not need to manually run this. Your system will update all your snaps four times a day, using delta downloads to conserve bandwidth.

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