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I have some permission problem, for example, folder named "folder1" was created by user debian-transmission and my user eduardo dont have have permission to access this folder.

I tried change folder group owner and use ACL, but nothing work.

Could you help me understand this problem?

$ cd folder1  -bash: cd: folder1/: Permission denied  $ ls -lsh  8.0K drwxrwxr-x+ 2 debian-transmission users 4.0K Apr 11 00:28 folder1  $ getfacl folder1   # file: folder1/   # owner: debian-transmission   # group: users   user::rwx   user:debian-transmission:rwx   user:eduardo:rw-   group::rw-   mask::rwx   other::r-x   default:user::rwx   default:user:debian-transmission:rwx   default:user:eduardo:rw-   default:group::rw-   default:mask::rwx   default:other::r-x  $ id  uid=1001(eduardo) gid=100(users) groups=100(users),27(sudo),116(debian-transmission)  $ id debian-transmission  uid=110(debian-transmission) gid=116(debian-transmission) groups=116(debian-transmission)  


To enter a dir you need execute permission (rwx or r-x). From what i'm seeing the group, users has only rw-. Note the missing x.
So you have to change the permission of the folder to include the x:

$ sudo chmod 775 /path/to/folder1  

This would give the group ability to enter that directory (ie rwx).

optionally instead of changing folder1's group from users to eduardo you could add eduardo to the users group:

sudo adduser eduardo users  

And then make users the group owner for folder1:

sudo chown -R debian-transmission:users folder1  

have a look at these

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