Ubuntu: Error: unknown filesystem .Grub rescue


I had Windows 10(sda2:68gb) and Ubuntu 12.04(sda6:28gb) in different partition, while installing Ubuntu 17.04 I changed(from Ubuntu 17.04 live boot) partition size of disk of sda6 and give it a 2gb and remaining 26gb is now free. Then stopped installing 17.04 and shut down system, again when I booted system I got grub rescue>

I messed previous Ubuntu 12.04.

Sda1,SDA2,sda3,sda5 are as is.

sda6 is changed and no label of Ubuntu 12.04 while I am chaking by fdisk -l using Ubuntu 17.04 live session. So I deleted Ubuntu 12.04 and messed it.

What should I do,now I am unable to boot windows 10 also due to grub rescue.

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